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The all-in-one AI to manage risk in crypto.
Avert catastrophic events in digital assets with Lockchain’s AI-powered security data pipeline.
Lockchain's software product
Easy to understand risk notifications.
Receive alerts via email, Slack or Telegram that explain to you exactly what risk events are happening right now that are relevant to your portfolio.
Lockchain product
Monitor every custody platform in one place.
Lockchain checks on-chain data to make sure your assets are where the exchange says they are.
Lockchain product
Lockchain's AI interprets countless data sources.
Lockchain aggregates on-chain data and available open source intelligence to provide you insights on risks ahead of time.
Lockchain's software product
And more.
Get access to Lockchain’s 24/7, real-time due diligence and automation platform, so you can avert the catastrophic events in the world of digital assets.
Do better research.
Use Lockchain's database of security and trust data as a part of your due diligence process.
Anticipate second-order effects.
Lockchain monitors and alerts you to additional impacts based on current risk events.
Keep up with your watchlist.
Tell Lockchain exactly what parts of your portfolio to monitor.
Learn about our proprietary risk model.
Lockchain’s risk model is custom-designed for digital risk of crypto assets. Read the whitepaper to learn more.
Get in touch.
See a demo of Lockchain for yourself, or reach out for more information.

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